Sash Windows London – Bespoke Design & Installation

London is an elegant city and what more of an elegant product could you purchase for your property than a bespoke set of sash windows. Sash windows are traditional, and scream quality. Dobsons specialise in crafting bespoke designs with a heritage feel using both modern and traditional materials. If you live in London and you’re proud of your property, then you should really consider replacement sash windows. There are a wide range of sash windows available, and each and every one is designed by craftsmen at the top of their field. You should never scrimp when it comes to your windows, and double glazing can not only save you a fortune when it comes to your utility bills, but also help the environment too. See below for our top picks on Sash Windows London.

Types of Sash Windows

There are a few different materials that can be used for sash windows and they can be built in a wide range of styles. Here are my top styles for sash windows in London.

UPVC Sash Windows

UPVC Sash Windows LondonUPVC is an amazing invention and it not only looks great, but lasts for a long time with very little to no maintenance. UPVC is a type of plastic which is strong and durable and there are many types of windows frames that are built using UPVC. UPVC is used for sash windows because of its low cost, low maintenance and long life span. If you’re going for value for money then UPVC sash windows are the best choice for you.

Timber Sash Windows

Timber sash windows LondonTimber sash windows are, as their name suggests, made from high quality, sustainable timber.  The beauty of timber framed windows is they have the genuine traditional feel of heritage windows. Timber sash windows are the bespoke end of the market and are often used to replace worn or damaged windows on heritage properties. Many people prefer timber frames, and there are lots of reasons why, but there are a couple of downsides. The main downside to timber framed sash windows is that they have to be painted. Ideally they would be painted regularly, every few years or so to prevent water penetrating the wood. A solid coat of paint keeps the timber protected from anything that can cause rot, but over time paint can wear off, so if not repainted the timber frames can fall into disrepair.

Aluminium Sash Windows

aluminium sash windows LondonAluminium is a super strong material for windows frames and has the added bonus of being light weight. Aluminium sash windows require very little maintenance and have a long life span. They can either be painted or left as a metal finish, but most of our clients choose to have them painted. The only drawback of painting aluminium sash windows, is once they are painted they need to be repainted every few years to avoid flaking. But if you’re looking for a high end sash window frame with a long life and very little maintenance, then aluminium sash windows are the way to go.

Dobsons Sash Windows London

Located in London, Dobsons are professional installers of kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, home offices, conservatories, orangeries and roof lines as well as sash windows and doors.

We have an extensive showroom with exclusive Villeroy & Boch room-sets and working Grohe Ondus models as well as the new Neff appliance collection. We at Dobsons are also proud to be a Neff Master Partner and a finalist in their 2009 UK Master Partner Excellence awards and then a winner at the awards in 2010.

2010 marked the 75th anniversary since Frank Dobson founded the company on the same London site on which we remain today back in 1935. We are celebrating this notable milestone with several special events and offers throughout the year. Our website will of course keep you in touch with the goings-on. A 75 Years feature charting our history has been added to the site and can be viewed from the red link at the top of the page.