Timber Casement Windows – London and Surrounding Areas

Although we primarily specialise in sash windows, we also manufacture a wide range of timber casement windows. Not all properties are suited for sash windows and many people prefer a standard timber casement window. Casement windows have become the norm over the years and most properties built after the 1960s would have used timber casement windows.

Timber Casement Windows London

At Dobsons Windows we use only the best materials and build all our windows to the absolute highest specifications. We put as much attention into out casement windows as we do our sash windows and each edge and corner is honed to perfection. We want our casement windows to stand out, and we want our customers to be proud of the windows we’ve supplied. This is why special attention is paid to every minute detail. The timber we source for our timber casement windows is of the highest possible grade, and only sourced from sustainable forests.  We feel it’s vital to the welfare of our planet to only use sustainable materials, and although timber is a natural resource, when it’s farmed in sustainable forests it has no negative impact on the environment whatsoever.

Why Choose Us

The big question you may be asking yourself as you consider who to choose to supply and fit your timber casement windows, is why choose Dobsons Windows. The only answer we can give you to this question is that we are the most passionate window manufacturers you could possibly find. We live, breathe, sleep and eat windows. We’ve spent many a sleepless night figuring out how we can design and build the absolute best quality casement window frames. We look at the fixtures and fittings and constantly try to find areas where we can improve. We look at the lines, designs, how they open and close, the feel of them. We look at the service we provide and try to figure out how we can give our customers the service and product they deserve.

So if you’re looking for a timber casement window and you live in and around London, then contact us today and we’ll be delighted to give you a free quote.