Timber Heritage Sash Windows

Every now and then we get a property that deserves nothing less than a solid. timber heritage sash window. It may be the period it’s built in, or the area it’s located, but whatever the reason it needs a like for like sash window. UPVC sash windows are perfect for modern properties, but for older period properties they need a sash window that’s in keeping with the building’s history.

This is why we develop timber heritage sash windows as part of our bespoke sash windows service. Our timber heritage windows are built to the highest specifications using traditional methods so they fit in perfectly with the building they are being fitted in to. There are lots of reasons why your property would be suited to heritage timber sash windows. It may be Grade II listed and so you have no choice but to replace like for like. Or it may just be a beautiful old building that deserves heritage windows to fit the style it was built for. Whatever the reason Dobsons Windows have made it our aim to manufacture and supply the absolute best in heritage frame sash windows.

Heritage Sash Windows London

A lot of properties in London were built either in the Georgian or Victorian periods, and most were fitted with timber sash windows. It’s for this reason that London is our most popular area of work and we are frequently installing heritage timber sash windows in┬áproperties throughout London. We find the biggest demand for timber sash windows is in the Kensington area, and we’ve carried out installations in Chelsea, Fulham and even across the water in Wandsworth, Clapham and Battersea.

If you have an older property and would like a quote for some bespoke, custom built heritage sash windows, then contact Dobsons Windows and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. All of our sash windows are made to order so you can rest assured of the absolute best products and services from Dobsons Windows. We pride ourselves not only on the level of workmanship we offer, and the high quality materials we use, but also on the sustainability of the materials we use. All the timber used in our heritage timber sash windows is sourced from sustainable forests, so you can rest assured that your sash windows are in no way hurting the environment.

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