Timber Sash Windows London

Dobsons Windows specialise in sash windows. It’s our vocation, it’s what we do. We design, build and manufacture a wide range of sash windows to suit all budgets. But where we really come into our own is when we are talking about timber sash windows. Timber is such an elegant material to use when building a window frame. It can be moulded, planed and shaped to have such elegant curves that it really deserves its place among the elite properties in London and other parts of the UK. We enjoy designing and building timber sash windows almost as much as we enjoy installing them. If your property is in the market for timber framed sash windows, then Dobsons Windows are the best choice you could possibly make.

Timber Sash Windows

There are a wide range of styles to choose from when selecting timber sash windows, and it’s important you select the right style for your property. Timber sash windows were used as early as the 16th century and were prevalent throughout the 17th, 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries and there were a wide range of styles in between those periods. If it’s a Georgian style you require then let us know and we can build you a Georgian style timber sash window that fits in perfectly with the style and grace of your property. The same applies to Victorian or any other style sash window that best befits your property.

If you require a quote for your timber sash windows then let us know and we will work something out that fits your budget. We strive for perfection and only use the best available materials, but we also understand that price is a factor when our customer decide which windows company to use. So with this in mind let us know your budget and we’ll do our best to find a package that suits your property and your wallet.