UPVC Sash Windows – London

There are lots of reasons why you would choose UPVC sash windows over other materials such as timber or aluminium, and one of the biggest is price. UPVC must be the most popular materials for window frames in the UK and this mainly because they are cheaper to make and require very little maintenance. Since the 1990s councils across the country have been using UPVC windows in their properties, and replacing the old metal frames with new UPVC. This is because UPVC is a tough, durable product which not only looks good but requires very little if any maintenance. Most UPVC frames are guaranteed for at least 15 years and will last much longer if treated correctly. The standard type of window for a UPVC frame is a casement window, but here at Dobsons Windows we specialise in building and installing UPVC sash windows.

Sash windows are highly popular, especially for older properties and they look traditional and elegant. Sash windows were usually only possible to building using timber, but nowadays with modern technology we are able to create the traditional heritage feel of sash windows with the robust and modern material of UPVC.

UPVC Sash Windows

If you were to look at the property above you wouldn’t dream the windows were built using UPVC frames. With the right level of craftsmanship UPVC can be built to look exactly the same as traditional timber, and it provides an excellent cost effective way of replacing your current frames with new energy efficient UPVC sash windows. Timber sash windows can be expensive to build, and are expensive to maintain with the amount of painting they require over the years. UPVC is relatively cheap to build and require next to no maintenance at all. The beauty of UPVC is they keep their colour and can stand up to all types of extreme weather. It’s an extremely light weight material and its strength belies the fact that it’s so light and durable.

Dobsons Windows have a wide range of UPVC sash windows to choose from and would love to be given the opportunity to quote for your building project. We are based in London but carry out construction projects across the whole of the UK. So if you are considering replacing your old sash windows then UPVC is a highly viable option. Give us a call and we can talk through the different options and prices that are available.